Pure Energy Healing

Pure Energy Healing is a holistic treatment and experience

that aligns the mind,body and spirit. Pure Energy Healers open themselves up as a vessel to receive the universal natural healing vibration and transfer it to the client. 


What is Pure Energy Healing?

Pure Energy Healing transforms lives, it can assist a client to let go of feelings of grief, sadness, regret and replaces them with a sense of peace, relief and happiness.


Pure Energy Healing can release a client from their chains, it can heal emotional stress and trauma, it can unblock the physical, mental and spiritual pain of the present and past.


A Pure Energy Healer provides a space and time for the scales to fall from the eyes, and shine a light on the right path to take - it allows one to arrive without traveling.


People who experience Pure Energy Healing describe the intense but calm feeling that comes over them. They experience a lucid dream like state or a deep restful sleep that they have never felt before. It is a euphoric journey, whereby one feels a positive charge running through the body as energy flows like a river, allowing one to discharge the negativity that drains the body’s natural battery into the estuary of life. This allows the client to leave a Pure Energy Healing session with a higher state of consciousness, a sense of well being and elation.

Pure Energy Healing is completely safe and non-invasive. It can be totally touch free while the healer uses their hands to channel the universe's natural healing vibration to the client so they can rejuvenate and regenerate themselves. When a client receives healing, they can then channel their experience to ground themselves in their everyday life.


"The heart that gives

is always full." - Mark Bajerski