Walk Your Mind

Sometimes we just want to talk to someone rather than hands-on therapy.

1 to 1 consultation

Gavin has extensive experience using the Walk Your Mind method in transforming people's lives. He has delivered one to one sessions for the criminal justice system, survivors of abuse, individuals with mental health diagnoses, physical health disabilities and drug users.

Gavin has worked alongside youth offending teams, probation, schools, residential rehabilitation services, homeless shelters and mental health teams. He has also carried out street outreach with the homeless population of London.


Through the Walk Your Mind sessions, we will be able to process the past and how it affects who you are today. We will then be able to set goals for where you want to be and to plan how you are going to get there.


These sessions, on carefully mapped out routes through the glorious Cornish landscape will enable Gavin to get to know you properly while the great outdoors helps to stimulate your mind and walking the trails helps to stimulate your body. This will allow us to connect with your emotional, physical, chemical, and energetical realms. The fresh air and Gavin's sensitive approach will ease your mind and clear the path ahead of you. 

1 - 1 sessions are one hour of walking and talking.
You will be given a full report by email afterward.

1 - 1 sessions can also be done online.

Walk Your Mind and Talk Your Mind clients will receive 10% of their first Kinesiology or first Pure Energy Healing session.

Please call or book a free consultation online. During the conversation, we will pick the path best suited to your requirements.

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“The point of power is always in the present moment. This is where
we begin to make changes.”

- Louise Hay