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Ileocecal Valve (ICV)

Ileocecal Valve dysfunction is an extremely common condition. See this blog post to see the wealth of problems it causes, ranging from joint paint, M.E., irritable bowel syndrome and depression.

Every client needs to be tested for ICV involvement regardless of the reason they presented for help...

The practitioner is often drawn to focus on the client’s point of pain. This can cause the ICV to be missed. Even Carpal Tunnel and Disc problems which seem like peripheral nerve irritation can be considerably exacerbated by the water retention in the body attempting to dilute the effect of the toxins caused by the ICV malfunction.

The Ileocecal Valve is located between the end of the Small Intestine, the Ileum, and the beginning of the ascending colon. The valve is composed of two parts, a sphincter muscle at the end which is under neurological control, and a mechanical valve.

It was once thought to be simply a one-way valve which maintained the proper flow by its own shape. Systematic Kinesiology has reinforced the idea that the valve is muscular, and under autonomic nerve control. There are also emotional factors which appear to be connected to the Limbic System. Our “gut reaction” to stress and emotional upsets also affects the function of the valve.

Within Kinesiology we look at digestion in the stomach, absorption in the Small intestines and the environment in the Large Intestines. We teach you how to test for food sensitivities as they can also affect ICV function.


Learn how to test and correct the Ileocecal Valve

Come and learn this must-have technique whether you are a practitioner adding to your skill set or you are wanting to help yourself/family and friends health.

Who is the ICV Course for?

Join us to learn this fabulous addition to your tool kit: all practitioners and families would benefit from knowing how to correct the IVC. Full testing and correction protocol is presented in a clear and practical way with full coloured notes to follow a step by step guide.

Format of the course, venue and cost

This is a two day course that runs from 9.30am to 5.30pm each day. We provide with full notes of the course and also a certificate for CPD. Cost is £350.

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