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Child Minder

"Thank you so much for a great insight into systematic kinesiology. I really enjoyed the day and getting hand on experience under your guidance."


Massage therapist

"A really interesting and enjoyable workshop - thank you. I've definitely go the Kinesiology bug now - keen to get practicing on friends and family!"


Sales Executive

"Thank you, I really loved the day.  Left feeling better than I walked in, went home feeling lifted.  I do find kinesiology so very interesting. Very much enjoyed the day. Good space to learn in. Lots of information. Also what a lovely bunch of souls it attracts."


Home decluttering service provider

"I feel so much more informed. It has been a revelation. It ties in with everything else I have learnt about holistic approaches to therapy. I feel more confident and this course has developed my intuition. So useful in informing my practice."


Yoga Teacher

"The course met and exceeded my expectations. I leave feeling inspired and can't wait to start practising."



"I so enjoyed the Kinesiology Introduction Workshop. It was a fun, informative and practical workshop with a lively group of people. Gavin is a very knowledgeable, skilful practitioner and facilitator with heaps of patient and kind.

I arrived a little shaky and flustered and left feeling confident, inspired, balanced and very impressed. I would definitely do it again. Thank you to Gavin and all the other participants for a truly great day."


Reflexologist & Massage Therapist

"It’s exceeded my expectations … I’ve found it tremendously rewarding … it is a vast amount of information but it’s an enjoyable amount of information. I’ve just been enjoying the whole lot. When I come home on a Saturday, I’m buzzing with what I’ve learnt because everything can be applied so easily to so many people ....

I’ve been doing case studies on people at home, seeing the changes in them, has been REALLY fantastic. I’ve found with Kinesiology, it just covers so much, that there is the crossover to be able to help people with lots of different ailments. It’s just the whole package."



"I've done the Foundation course twice. The course has given me the insight to understand what Kinesiology is all about in depth and the amazement on the impact I can now have helping to heal people’s body and mind. I truly recommend anyone that is interested in healing the body to do this course. The best thing for your wellbeing. I found Gavin kind, confident and an amazing teacher, with great patience and skills in teaching me on the foundation level, because of this I feel excited to go on to the practitioner course next year."


Upholsterer & Make up artist

"My first experience (after 3 miscarriages) was to fix my hormones to go full term. After 3 visits I was pregnant and went full term - 100% success rate. On the course I’ve learnt an immense amount of information, all so interesting and Gavin is very engaging and patient. Well structured course and exceed my expectations."


Reflexologist & Pilates Teacher

"Very happy with the course, the level and pace has been really good. It has exceeded expectations. I have appreciated it being structured and organised but information with the opportunity to ask questions as we have gone along. I have really enjoyed the group size and dynamic and developed good relationships with other course members."


Massage Therapist

"The content, pace and style of the course was 10 out of 10. The instructors knowledge, effectiveness and contribution in teaching and demonstrating Kinesiology was 10 out of 10. The course was excellent, the teaching was excellent and the clarity of the instructors information and demonstrations were excellent. I enjoyed getting to learn a new way of connecting seemingly separate body parts. I learnt a lot of useful information that I can use in my current practice."



"I wanted to understand what Kinesiology was. I enjoyed all the practical learning. Lots of good feedback, tutor was very approachable and answers any questions. Learnt a lot!"


Massage Therapist

"After going to an information evening about Kinesiology, I realised how much there was to it and how powerful it could be. I really enjoyed the course, which has been taught at a good pace. It’s been great to have a group to learn with and its been lovely to meet up with everyone to practice. I can’t wait to continue and make a positive difference in people’s lives."



"I didn’t know what to expect from the course but I learnt a lot more than I thought we would cover. It has been really enjoyable. I have been surprised by the connection formed within the group, we have a support group to help each other practice and learn."


Psychiatric Nurse

"Gavin’s passion and enthusiasm for kinesiology has created a fun and very enjoyable learning atmosphere. He is knowledgeable and has lots of patience, and has made learning this amazing therapy a really great experience."
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