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Fast Track 6-DAY
Learn Kinesiology


The Kinesiology FAST TRACK Foundation course is open to anyone.

It is a gateway to Kinesiology and will set you on the path to becoming a fully qualified practitioner.

The Foundation course is perfect for those that would like to benefit from Kinesiology for themselves, their friends and family or their clients.

You will learn 42 muscle tests and how they relate to bodily dysfunctions, you will learn how to fix imbalances using structural, nutrition, emotional and energetical corrections. You will also learn a range of additional techniques that will balance the body. For the full course syllabus, please click here.

The classes provide safe and powerful techniques that you will be able to utilise in daily life immediately without the need for extended periods of training.


If you are already qualified in another field of health care the Foundation course certificate enables you to add Kinesiology to your current skill set, become insured and charge for your sessions.

If you wish to become qualified as a Kinesiologist and do not already practice another therapy, then you will need to complete the Foundation Course before going on to do the Kinesiology Practitioner’s course. You can then become insured and charge clients for your sessions.

This FAST TRACK foundation course is run by:

Mind For Health Kinesiology

(TASK Cornwall).


The course is certified by:

The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK UK)

All TASK courses are fully accredited by:

The Federation Of Holistic Therapists.

The FHT are the largest and longest running professional association for complementary health

and are backed by the Professional Standards Authority Of Health and Social Care.

UPDATED Cornwall Fast Track Foundation Dates:

Friday 16th, Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th August

Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th August

Class Hours:

9.00am to 5:30pm


Total £2000, payable by £400 deposit upon application, then another £1600 payable at the start of your course.

(Payment plans can be arranged at the tutor's discretion.)

A certificate will be issued after attending all 6 days and upon completion of 12 case studies.

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