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Full Practitioner Course

Learn Kinesiology Full Practitioner Course

Who the Practitioner Course is for?

This course is a progression for students who have completed the Foundation Course and wish to become a qualified Registered Kinesiologist.

The course is not only Advanced Kinesiology techniques, we also teach you how to put all the techniques together to become a successful all-round Practitioner. We give our students very powerful and practical protocols to follow along with new ways to communicate and interact with others in order to create productive relationships with clients. The TASK Practitioner Course is for students that seek and are ready to commit to a very thorough, in-depth, professional training.

These are some of the facts and benefits you will experience when enrolling in TASK’s Practitioner’s Course

  • Learn Advanced Systematic Kinesiology from the pioneers in the UK

  • Establish a healthy business with little or no capital

  • Work through your own physical problems and emotional issues

  • Learn from highly trained and experienced tutors – all with their own thriving practices

  • Enable you to help more people in a deeper way

  • Help personal and business communication/relationships

  • Inspire you to have more confidence in your abilities

  • Support you in every way throughout your training

Syllabus and course structure

Please go to this page to read what you will learn in each Module of the Practitioner Course.

The Practitioner Course is run by Mind For Health Kinesiology, Cornwall.

The course is certified by The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

Format of the course

The Practitioner Course comprises of an Orientation Day, a 4 day Intensive Workshop and then 10 Modules. The course is taught over 7 months and finished with a written exam and practical examination.

Cornwall Practitioner Course Dates
Orientation: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2024
TACT Week: Friday 11th to Monday 14th October 2024
Modules 1 & 2: Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2024
Modules 3 & 4: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December 2024
Modules 5 & 6: Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th January 2025
Modules 7 & 8: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th February 2025
Modules 9 & 10: Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th March 2025
Exam: Saturday 10th May 2025

Cost to enrol and payment options

Total cost of course £3,500 (inc. VAT)

A deposit of £500 is due upon enrolment and is non-refundable.

There are three payment plans thereafter:

  1. Pay the balance of £3000 outright two weeks before the course starts

  2. Pay the balance over 7 months. Seven payments of £439.00 each.
    Total £3,573 (inc. £73 admin fee)

  3. Pay the balance over 10 months. Ten payments of £310.00 each
    Total £3,600 (inc.£100 admin fee)

**Students undertaking the Practitioner Course need to have gained a qualification in Basic 1st Aid (3-hour course) and an Anatomy and Physiology Course level 3 either through our associates or an equivalent training board. This may be done before, during or after the Practitioner course.

All course materials are included in the price: Course manuals and full-colour notes, Clinic Practice session and Final Exam. There are no hidden costs.

Become a member of TASK-UK Network (TUKN) and gain entry to our dedicated Online Community – As a member, you will gain member benefits including access to TUKN Online Community. Our community offers free monthly webinars, Q & A sessions, articles, and a vibrant community of students, graduates and tutors which are on hand to support you in your study. 

Learn more about TASK-UK Network and become a member today.

Learning Material and Certification

The classes continue to combine explanation, demonstration with plenty of practical work.  You receive full colour illustrated notes at the beginning of each module. They will contain all the information you are learning on that module so makes note taking minimal. They clearly show the tests and corrections and protocols of the most simple yet advanced techniques that are brought alive for you throughout the course. You will use these notes over again to study plus as a reference when you practice on clients for your case studies. These practice sessions gain you invaluable experience and are needed to qualify and receive your Certificate.

Requirements for Certification

  • You are required to practice in between the Modules and provide 4 written case studies per month (total 30).

  • Students need to complete one supervised clinic practice session with a tutor which we arrange and also to pass the 2 hours written examination at the end of the course.

  • Students undertaking the Practitioner Course need to have gained a qualification on an Anatomy and Physiology Course, either through our associates or equivalent training board. This may be done before, during or after the Practitioner course.

  • On completion of all the above AND passing the final exam you will receive the TASK Systematic Kinesiology Certificate to become a fully qualified Registered Kinesiologist. You may then work for a professional fee with the letters Cert. T.A.S.K. after your name.


Please make sure to read the following before enrolling

There is detailed information on this page about the code of conduct, your responsibilities when you become a TASK student, and what are the pre-requisites to join.

All TASK courses are fully accredited by The Federation Of Holistic Therapists. The FHT are the largest and longest running professional association for complementary health and are backed by the Professional Standards Authority Of Health and Social Care (PSA).

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