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After 2 yrs of digestive issues, low mood and generally feeling below par I happened upon Gavin’s Mind for Health website and with an open mind booked in. The first appointment was intense and thorough - in a good way - and I came away feeling lighter and on a positive path. Roll on 3 months and my digestive issues are now managed and emotional baggage I had well hidden has been lifted - this was something I didn’t expect from the treatment - but Gavin’s gentle, intuitive nature made me always feel comfortable chatting. I still am slightly in the dark as to what kinesiology is - but perhaps by choice - I enjoy the magic, and the unbelievable positive benefits I have experienced. Highly recommend Gavin - he is skilled, knowledgable and a bit of a wizard :).


As somewhat of a sceptic of Kinesiology due to a previous experience with a different provider, I was urged by my wife to give it one more go and to try Gavin at Mind For Health. It’s been the best advice she could have given me.
Gavin has a skill to immediately put you at ease with his no nonsense approach, explaining everything about Kinesiology as he works with you through whatever health issues you are experiencing. In a professional manner, he builds rapport to fully understand a client before proceeding with the most suitable treatment.
After suffering from an enduring chronic lower back issue, Gavin has helped get me back to full fitness, whilst being able to accommodate any flare ups in a timely manner.
We have since used Gavin to treat both of our children as required for some coordination issues during growth spurts, and dietary support.
In short, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Gavin to anyone who is looking to either try kinesiology for the first time, or add a more holistic approach to ongoing heath issues.


I came for kinesiology and was sceptical if how it works. Gavin explained how it worked and it made a lot of sense. I came for digestive problems which have now gone after a couple of sessions, I had the benefit of the pain in my hands and neck also going. I didn't expect to be listened to in the way that Gavin did. I was able to let go of some emotional trauma that I had been carrying for decades. I think this was a big part of me getting better. I still see Gavin although he fixed my problems. It is a great way to feel alive and on top of my health.


i first booked an appointment with Gavin following his taster session, and being drawn to how kinesiology has a more holistic approach over other treatments.
My initial main focus for the session was to help with an inflamed varicose vein which was causing me a lot of pain physically; hot to the touch, itchy when inflamed; and also caused me emotional pain too.
Upon the first appointment i was welcomed into a relaxing safe space; and it was soon after that session i realised this wasn't just about the vein.
Over a few sessions many other blocked and buried emotional attachments came to surface. Each session unblocking these attachments to old habits and states of being. I've felt an overwhelming sense of release, feeling lighter, and with a clearer vision of how i want to live my life; regarding how i treat myself and speak to myself.
The varicose vein is looking less inflamed and causes me no physical pain; and my emotional attachment to it has lessened significantly.
I cannot recommend Gavin's work enough, it is truly life changing!


I absolutely recommend Gavin as a practitioner. His sessions are very powerful and kinesiology has been healing me from the inside out.
Gavin puts in so much effort and works Intuitively using different healing modalities to create the best outcome. He always goes to the core of the problem and I am amazed by kinesiology and what massive shifts it has brought me in a short period of time. My digestion is so much better and emotionally I have gained a lot of clarity due to Gavin’s support. Highly recommend him to anyone


Gavin is truly gifted at what he does and I'm so grateful a friend told me about him last year. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and burnt out when I first went and since our regular sessions, so much has transformed for the better. The most powerful part about kinesiology is working with the body directly and addressing the root cause of imbalance - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of yourself. Our sessions have provided me with a safe space to be witnessed and express myself, which has allowed so much healing to occur. If you're curious about kinesiology, health or healing in general, I would highly recommend! Thank you so much Gavin.


I highly recommend kinesiology with Gavin. A great therapy to help with so many ailments! Gavin is very knowledgeable and has a clear passion to help people.
I’ve had a number of sessions and I feel so much better. Thank you.


I have been really impressed with Gavins knowledge and skills. We initially came for my daughters ailment which has now been resolved, for which I can only put down to the kinesiology treatments. With a particularly wriggly and fiesty 3 year old, Gavins calm demeanour and his approach to her treatment meant we got great results. I would highly recommend!


I visited Gavin after being failed by NHS treatments and my ailments were addressed and significantly improved in a very short period of time. The treatment covered both my specific requirements and my general wellbeing and has made a big difference to my everyday life. I am very happy to recommend Gavin and Kinesiology Cornwall.


I have had many holistic therapy treatments over the years but Kinesiology with Gavin has by far been the most powerful. I initially booked an appointment hoping to heal and lift some physical symptoms that I was experiencing in my body. However, I had no idea Gavin's sessions would create such profound and lasting emotional and behavioural changes within myself! I have never worked with a therapist in which I have felt so safe. Gavin allowed me to truly open up and address the emotions that I had been repressing for years, and in turn I have seen great improvements in my health and well-being! I cannot thank Gavin enough - I feel like his Kinesiology sessions have given me a real mental, emotional, and phsyical upgrade!


I have been benefitting from Gavin’s experience and insight since November 2021. I was recommended by friends and made my first appointment out of desperation and with considerable scepticism. This scepticism quickly evaporated when, within a month of my first session and following Gavin’s advice, I began experiencing noticeable improvements in my physical, mental and spiritual health. Since then I have seen Gavin on a regular basis and feel immeasurably better, and much better able to face life’s challenges. Thank you Gavin.


Making an appointment with Gavin has been a game changer for me, after suffering from eczema for years and tired everything.I thought I would try Kinesiology and after 2 weeks from seeing Gavin my eczema is finally subsiding. 4 weeks on now and still making progress, sleeping so much better, feeling calmer, it’s been such a positive thing for me and I would recommend giving it a try to anyone.


Gavin is a top quality therapist. He absolutely knows what he's doing and uses many different approaches to get powerful results. I highly recommend seeing him for anything, be it physical, visible, tangible - or not.


After many months of painful right shoulder, then catastrophy...broken left wrist. I was in a sorry state. Two sessions of Kinesiology(so far) with Gavin, and a hefty dosing of supplements, I am now showing real improvement. My pain is greatly reduced, my mobility in both areas improved and best of all after 4 months I CAN DRIVE AGAIN!!!! I was a very active person with running, boot camp, weight training and yoga sustaining me. I am gradually going back to them and doing OK


After 1 treatment with Mind for Health I can seriously notice the difference in a positive way.
Before treatment I had pain in my lower hip/back. Emotionally o was drained and stressed over a few things.
After treatment the first few days I felt exhausted which apparently is normal as your body is adjusting and within 3 weeks of treatment, my back has felt amazing with no pain and all the issues I felt caused me stress seems to have vanished. The things that bothered me don’t anymore. I also occasionally have hormonal irritability but have not had any symptoms this past month. Amazing and I highly recommend kinesiology with Gavin.


I have seen Gavin many times and he has helped me through many physical and emotional issues. Can't recommend him highly enough


Gavin Luck-Jones is a very sensitive practitioner who has helped me hugely with digestive issues.


I had six sessions of Kinesiology with Gavin. It has been a very positive experience and my general wellbeing has greatly improved.
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