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Full Practitioner

Our syllabus is one of our UNIQUE assets. It was created by Brian H Butler and Dr. Sheldon Deal over twenty years, without whom we certainly would not have the syllabus we have today.


This first weekend will help make the Foundation course completely fall into place. You are given goal balancing tools, review of all muscles for specific problem areas, Repetitive Strain Injury, Weak Ankles/Knees, bladder and more for shoulders and arms, so provides more tools for the job.

Intensive week workshop (4 day workshop)

Kinesiology Techniques and Communications Training – emphasis on communications incorporating NLP. Self-esteem, personal development, counselling skills and presentation skills. Practice of the ‘wheel balance’ daily. Powerful additional techniques for injury’s/sports problems/emotional issues. Also Practice Management advice to help build a successful practice.

“Cementing” of all you have done so far. With two balancing sessions daily – you get good at what you know! Great week, great information, great safe environment and great fun!

Module 1Food Sensitivities and Allergies.

Most reliable method of assessment. With this module under your belt you will be confident in finding food sensitivities and giving dietary advice to help get people back to vibrant health.

Module 2 Intestinal & Digestion - The Ileocecal Valve (ICV) Syndrome.

The Ileocecal valve and the Houston valve have a huge part in lowering general health when malfunctioning. You will learn how to detect and fix the answer to many people’s health problems. Learn about the ICV syndrome, which can solve chronic T.A.T.T. & I.B.S. symptoms.

Module 3 The Immune System

Long term health by defeating free radicals. When you know how to address, build and boost the Immune System (everyone’s have different requirements) people’s feelings of “being run down”, “frequent infections”, “tired all the time”, “feeling below par”, etc will ebb away.

Module 4 – The Endocrine System

The key to health and solving chronic ill-health. This module covers the basis of most illness. The Endocrine system is “the core” of one’s health and how the body is able to run itself. You will learn how to assess and restore this vital system which gets people well. It changes many symptoms you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the Glandular system.

Module 5 – Resolve Fears, Anxieties and Traumas.

Build Self – Esteem, goals for self & client. This emotional module will equip you to help others (and yourself) resolve traumas both past and present. Emotions are often ignored or buried which can be just as congesting as eating “junk food”. Learn how to ‘release’ negative traumas/emotions/habits, ‘re-program’ the brain positively and then to ‘set’ your work tapping into the unconscious mind to hold the changes in place.

Module 6 – Electro-Magnetics, Aura, Chakras

The body’s “electrics”. This module is a real energy wow! Learn how important and real our energies are – how they are affected and ways to bring them back into a harmonious state of balance. Learn how to keep grounded and centred.


Module 7 – Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) and Structure.

The Temporo-Mandibular Joint (T.M.J.) is responsible for many imbalances around the body. We look into and learn how this can affect people detrimentally. This structural technique will enable you to change the way people feel instantly.

Module 8 – Necks and Shoulders

The “Diamond” Approach. Learn how to detect and correct short or long term neck and back problems with this amazing approach to “where it is it isn’t”.

Module 9 – Low Back – the “H” Approach – Pelvis.

A very high percentage of people suffer and live with lower back pain for no apparent reason. Learn how to deal with this problem from a M.C.P.E. view point, and rid people of their pain. Review, Practice workshop.

Module 10 – Clinic Practice demo, Review and Mock Exam.

Tutors clinic practice demonstration, review and mock exam for your revision.

Practitioner Exam for Professional Registered Certification.

Two hours written paper. 10 am – 12.00 pm

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