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Foundation Course


The Kinesiology Foundation course is open to anyone.

It is a gateway to Kinesiology and will set you on the path to becoming a fully qualified practitioner.

Foundation Course Dates

(Dates have been chosen so that all weekends are not during school holidays.)

Level 1: Saturday 12th April and Sunday 13th April 2025

Level 2: Saturday 26th April and Sunday 27th April 2025

Level 3: Saturday 17th May and Sunday 18th May 2025

Level 4: Saturday 7th June and Sunday 8th June 2025

Level 5: Saturday 28th June and Sunday 29th July 2025

Level 6: Saturday 19th July and Sunday 20th July 2025

Location: Market Street, Devoran, Cornwall (15 minutes from Falmouth and Truro).

This foundation course is run by Mind For Health Kinesiology. 

The course is certified by The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology.

All courses are fully accredited by The Federation Of Holistic Therapists. The FHT are the largest and longest running professional association for complementary health.

The Foundation course is perfect for those that would like to benefit from Kinesiology for themselves, their friends and family or their clients.

The classes combine explanation, demonstration and practical work via 84 hours of training spread over the course of 6 weekends. You will be provided with 1 textbook, 1 nutritional testing kit, 1 magnet, 1 laser pen and complimentary membership to the Systematic Kinesiology Online Community. 


You will learn 42 muscle tests, plus over sixty safe and powerful techniques, and how they relate to bodily dysfunctions. You will learn how to fix imbalances using structural, nutrition, emotional and energetical corrections. You will be able to utilise the safe and powerful techniques in daily life immediately without the need for extended periods of training. 

deposit of £395 is due upon enrolment. (Non refundable and non-transferable). Payments of £150 are payable at each level. Total investment £1295 (inc. VAT).

The course is based on specially written textbooks and manuals which make learning enjoyable and simple, they include only reproducible techniques clinically tested by physicians. 

For the full course syllabus, please click here

The Foundation Certificate is issued to all those that complete the required 12 case studies and have attended all 6 Levels in order.


If you are qualified in another health modality the Foundation Course Certificate enables you to become insured and practice the Systematic Kinesiology you have learnt.


The Foundation Course Certificate also enables you to continue your training and apply for TASK’s Practitioner Course to become a qualified registered Systematic Kinesiologist and practice for a professional fee. The professional training course has over 200 powerful tools to gain results of the highest standard. All our courses have been developed, honed, constantly improved, updated and upgraded over the last 30 years.

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