Meet Gavin

Systematic Kinesiologist (Cert. T.A.S.K) & Pure Energy Healer

"Systematic Kinesiology and Pure Energy Healing transforms life without the need for pharmaceutical medication."

Gavin worked as a Young Person's Health and Wellbeing Worker in London to lead inner city people under 30 away from a life of violence, gang crime, drugs and medication.

Gavin later worked in Cornwall with vulnerable adults with mental and physical health issues due to abuse and trauma. Gavin supported many people to lead them away from a life of drug addiction, crime, physical and mental health medication.

Gavin worked holistically, treating the root cause of the problems rather than the symptoms. He was held back by the allopathic health system who use medication to solve any issue. This is papering over the cracks and is not a true life transformation.

Gavin retrained as a Systematic Kinesiologist with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology and a Pure Energy Healer with the Pure Energy Healing Academy, as it treats all realms of life - naturally, spiritually and drug free:

MIND - attitude, strength, trauma, feelings, emotions and spirit.
CHEMICAL - food, water, drugs, medication, chemicals, preservatives and polluted air.
PHYSICAL - structure, bones, muscles, tendons, posture, exercise, rest and sleep positions.
ENERGY - life force, chi, prana, acupuncture, meridians, auras and chakras.