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The importance of drinking water

The human body is made up of lots substances. We are around 70% water. We drink water all of our lives. It passes through us and keeps all of our electrical systems in balance and cleanses are body of toxins.

The electrical systems of our body need a certain amount of electrolytes, just in the same way that a car battery needs just the right amount of acid to function. If there is insufficient amount of distilled water in the car battery it will not be able to function either. This is the same as in the body.

We cannot function as we should if we are not receiving the right amount of power. If we are dehydrated our body's electrical circuits can get confused which causes malfunctions.

It is important to drink clean water every day. There is much debate over what is clean water - distilled water, reverse osmosis filters, double carbon filters, well water, spring water. Anything but plain tap water.

Clean water does not need to be digested. Drinks such as tea and coffee are diuretics and cause the body to lose water. Commercial and fizzy drinks contain large amounts of sugars, chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavourings and sweeteners. Carbon dioxide is a gas that the body needs to excrete but is found in many drinks that we consume, including sparkling water.

We pay for our water to be processed and cleaned, but we have to do the final cleansing using to plumbed in filter lines, distillers or filter jugs to able to drink real water that is good for our body.

We need to drink 2 litres of water a day (not with food). It is best to drink before and after meals but not with. At least 15 minutes before eating, and at least 1 hour after. This will optimise the levels of hydrochloric acid and enzymes that help us digest quicker and absorb less fat.

Drinking water while eating dilutes the digestive juices and can prevent proper digestion from taking place. Poorly digested food can be a factor of food sensitivities, weight gain and allergies.

Did you drink enough today?


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