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What nutrition is good for Emotional Stress?

January can be a difficult time of the year, which comes after the most wonderful time of the year. Doctors prescribe anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication more than ever at this time of the year which do not resolve these issues. Plants, herbs, vitamins and minerals can address these issues naturally.

In addition, people's nervous systems have been on edge over the last 18 months, whether consciously or subconsciously. Even more so, higher brain function shuts down when in a constant state of fear with ever moving goal posts, changing guidance and uncertainty about the future.

Some examples of nutrition for emotional stress that can support you are listed below. (I use brands Lily & Loaf, Cytoplan, Nutri Advanced, Specialist Herbal Supplies, Metabolics, Epigenetics and Higher Nature):

For severe symptoms of stress, emotional, panicky, depressed and/or not sleeping. Very high dose B Complex with Vitamin C and Camomile.

Essential for good brain function and clear thinking.

An adaptogen that reduces stress and anxiety.

Nervous and immune support, gives energy and stamina. Support for people frayed around the edges.

Supports nervous system and brain by supporting circulation to the brain. Helps with panic and depressed feeling. For those that feel anxious, flat or down. Supports memory, clear thinking, concentration, brain detoxification.

Encourages circulation of blood to the brain which supports brain function and memory.

Valerian is where Valium got its name. It is good for the nervous system. It is calming and aids sleep.

An adaptogen that keeps away physical and mental fatigue.

Promotes clear thinking and helps with behavioural issues

Takes 3 weeks to start kicking in but supports memory and prevents brain deterioration.

No1 mineral deficiency. Calms and relaxes muscles helping and preventing cramp and twitches. Deficiency causes small things to become irritating and annoying.

Very stressed, emotional, panicky, depressed and/or not sleeping.

Prevents over worry, intrusive thoughts and obsessive behaviour helping to relax.

For adrenal stress, rushing, over exercise and workaholics.

Brain food for all imbalances.

Essential for brain function, quick and clear thinking. Good for learning difficulties.

Great stress buster and adrenal support

Natural precursor to serotonin - our natural happiness neurotransmitter. It also helps to switch the brain off at night, so 5HTP can help us sleep soundly and be in a good mood, free of anxiety.


All of these supplements have their benefits for your emotional health but taking all of them would be expensive and some might actually not be beneficial for you right now. Furthermore, some preparations of nutritional supplements may be better suited to you than others.

Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing to find what nutrition is appropriate for you at this specific time, rather than guessing what you think you need. Systematic Kinesiology is unique in being able to identify what you need by asking the body directly - this will save you time and money as you can waste money buying the wrong things and not feeling any benefit.

Are you emotionally drained? Are you stressed? Are you tired and overwhelmed? Do you need something to pick you up but want it naturally?

Systematic Kinesiology is not just about nutrition, but that is a big part of balanced health. We look at the body on 4 levels - Emotionally, Biochemically, Structurally and Energetically. Book now to find out what nutrition you need AND receive a unique 4-modality treatment in one with Systematic Kinesiology.


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