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Mind For Health offers non-intrusive holistic treatments that can lead to a life transformed.
They can set you free - naturally & drug free.


Meet Gavin
Systematic Kinesiologist & Pure Energy Healer

Gavin is based on the south coast of Cornwall, in Falmouth. Gavin has worked as a health and wellbeing practitioner in London and an addiction counsellor in Cornwall. Gavin has trained as a Systematic Kinesiologist with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK UK) and as a Pure Energy Healer at the Pure Energy Healing Academy (PHE).

"I believe in people's capacity to change. My practice is about supporting people to realise their full potential."


Healing for
body, mind
and spirit

Systematic Kinesiology and Pure Energy Healing in Cornwall

What I can support you with

Overcoming addictions and goal setting

Stress Management - adopting a healthy and stress free lifestyle

Digestive Health - identifying and clearing food sensitivities and intolerances

Releasing behavioural & emotional trauma

Relieving pain without medication


Put your body,

mind and spirit

in safe hands.


"It never fails to surprise me just how much of a difference I am noticing in my thoughts and behaviour patterns after our sessions each month - honestly, your sessions have been an absolute God send." 

"Gavin helped me to overcome emotional pain that I had kept hidden and allowed to manifest in joint pain for years."

"I had tried everything with my autistic son who was struggling with communication which came out in his bad behaviour and performance at school. Kinesiology has made a radical difference and has transformed my whole family's life."

- Jade

- Celeste

- Veronika

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