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Truro . Falmouth . Devoran . Cornwall

Mind For Health

offers treatments and training in Kinesiology.
A truly holistic Natural Health Service that gets to the root cause of your dis-ease and creates balance within your body.

Gavin Luck-Jones

Gavin runs a thriving Kinesiology clinic in Cornwall and teaches Kinesiology courses and workshops at all levels.

natural health therapist kinesiologist



Combining Systematic & Neuroenergetic Kinesiology,

To bring you the ultimate holistic natural health care system.

What can Kinesiology support you with

Skin issues, acne, eczema, psoriasis, hives, dermatitis etc


Hormonal issues, fertililty, post natal, period problems, menopause and perimenopause.

Emotional wellbeing, adrenal function, goal setting, behavioural problems, stress management. 


Learning difficulties - ADHD, ADD, OCD, autism, Asperges, dyspraxia, dyslexia.

Food sensitivity testing - 

identifying and clearing food sensitivities and intolerances.


Gut health - IBS, constipation, bloating, microbiome reset and gut cleansing.

Releasing energy blockages - fear, anxiety, depression, anger and emotional trauma.


Deep emotional stress relief and past trauma release.

Pain relief for backs, hips, neck, feet, and any other structural issue.



If you are unsure, please get in touch. The healing benefits of Kinesiology are unlimited.


Put your body,
mind and spirit
in safe hands.


As somewhat of a sceptic of Kinesiology due to a previous experience with a different provider, I was urged by my wife to give it one more go and to try Gavin at Mind For Health. It’s been the best advice she could have given me.
Gavin has a skill to immediately put you at ease with his no nonsense approach, explaining everything about Kinesiology as he works with you through whatever health issues you are experiencing. In a professional manner, he builds rapport to fully understand a client before proceeding with the most suitable treatment.
After suffering from an enduring chronic lower back issue, Gavin has helped get me back to full fitness, whilst being able to accommodate any flare ups in a timely manner.
We have since used Gavin to treat both of our children as required for some coordination issues during growth spurts, and dietary support.
In short, I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Gavin to anyone who is looking to either try kinesiology for the first time, or add a more holistic approach to ongoing heath issues.

After 2 yrs of digestive issues, low mood and generally feeling below par I happened upon Gavin’s Mind for Health website and with an open mind booked in. The first appointment was intense and thorough - in a good way - and I came away feeling lighter and on a positive path. Roll on 3 months and my digestive issues are now managed and emotional baggage I had well hidden has been lifted - this was something I didn’t expect from the treatment - but Gavin’s gentle, intuitive nature made me always feel comfortable chatting. I still am slightly in the dark as to what kinesiology is - but perhaps by choice - I enjoy the magic, and the unbelievable positive benefits I have experienced. Highly recommend Gavin - he is skilled, knowledgable and a bit of a wizard :).

"Making an appointment with Gavin has been a game changer for me, after suffering from eczema for years and tired everything.I thought I would try Kinesiology and after 2 weeks from seeing Gavin my eczema is finally subsiding. 4 weeks on now and still making progress, sleeping so much better, feeling calmer, it’s been such a positive thing for me and I would recommend giving it a try to anyone."

Kathryn, Falmouth

Alison, Camborne

Ed, Shortlanesend

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