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Kinesiology Course

Training Videos

To enable better accessibility of Systematic Kinesiology. I will be creating online tutorials of muscle tests, muscle balances and techniques from the Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course.

To do this I am offering a paid opportunity to be a co-creator. You will be required to use your body to be a demonstration student.

There are 42 muscle tests and balances and 30 techniques in the Foundation Course. All demonstrations require explanation and demonstration. All require filming. Once produced they will be available for anyone who purchases a course.

During the filming process you will receive Kinesiology and it's health benefits and get paid for doing so.

Although you will be the demonstration student, you will inevitable be taught what you would be taught on the Foundation Course during the filming process, however you will not be considered qualified in Kinesiology. You will receive a discount when you purchase the Foundation course which will enable you to become qualified at Foundation level.

Due to the number of enquiries, I have made an application form.

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