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Are you sweet enough?

Blood sugar imbalance symptoms:

Tiredness, irritability, mood swings, inability to cope, low libido, infections, nervousness, storing fat around the middle, low self esteem, depression, poor concentration & memory, anxiety, allergies, carbohydrate craving, chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, sudden heat and nausea.

If blood sugar gets too high the body secretes insulin, which lowers blood sugar by converting glucose into glycogen.

If blood sugar gets too low the adrenal glands secrete adrenalin & the pancreas releases glycagon in order to release glycogen from the liver & muscle cells to raise blood sugar level by converting glycogen into glucose.

When the adrenals are constantly stimulated they get weaker & can't respond when the pancreas secretes too much insulin & leads to low blood sugar.

Too much carbohydrates can lead to hyper-insulinism where, insulin keeps going up & blood sugar keeps going down. When blood sugar goes down it causes a craving for carbohydrates to bring blood sugar levels back up. It becomes a swing of highs & lows.

Eventually, insulin receptors become insensitive to insulin leading to an insatiable desire for carbs, cos insulin is not being absorbed. This is Syndrome X. If it continues it will result in diabetes.

Blood sugar issues make any problem within the body bigger. Every problem is more serious when blood sugar levels are low. People live with low blood sugar without knowing, especially with our on-the-go-eating of processed & packaged foods & stressful lives.

Pancreas maintains the blood sugar balance - it is on the spleen meridian which is associated with immunity. A stressed pancreas affects the immune system which could lead to infections & disease.

During pregnancy a mother loses 50% of chromium to the baby. Chromium improves insulin sensitivity. Unless the mother replaces the chromium she will have low blood sugar. It is not surprising that mothers experience post natal depression, mood swings, cravings, inability to cope & diabetes.

Does this sound familiar? Get your blood sugar levels checked & balanced with Systematic Kinesiology. We balance your blood sugars structurally, nutritionally, emotionally & energetically.


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