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Can reducing stress improve your immune system?

Can reducing stress boost out immune system?

One of the keys to a strong immune system is a positive mental attitude. It is also important to have optimism, a sense of purpose and to trust in the purpose of life.

Happy people who have a purpose in life get ill less than negative people, living in fear with no hope for the future.

Psycho-neuro-immunology is the term used to describe the study of the connections between psychological processes, nervous system function, and the immune system. The fundamental concept of psychoneuroimmunology is that the mind and body are inseparable. Therefore, stress affects the body's ability to fight disease.

This means that thinking positive thoughts will directly boost our immune system, thinking negative thoughts will directly hinder our immune system.

As well as addressing the electrical, physical and nutritional issues in the body, Kinesiology works with our emotions. We cannot or will not believe we can decrease the stress in their lives. But talking through the problems going on in our lives while muscle testing and fixing imbalances helps to efficiently and effectively reduce stress in our mind and consequently reduces the strain on our body.

As Kinesiology is treating all the realms of life - mental, chemical, physical, and emotional at the same time we are strengthening our system from all angles. Thus, stress is busted and the immune system is boosted.

Although the problems may not go away, we can cope better, deal with problems and find solutions, resulting in us feeling happier and more positive.

This causes a cycle of health because reducing stress makes us more resistant to illness, which makes us more resistant to stress, which makes us more resistant to illness!

Balancing the immune system and endocrine system in a Kinesiology treatment has a huge benefit on busting stress and boosting immunity in a holistic way.

It also helps us to rest, relax and to sleep.

The impact on our ability to rest, relax and sleep can be influenced by lifestyle habits which can be hard to break. Kinesiology can also support addictive and self sabotaging behaviour. Kinesiology has techniques to set and achieve goals to make changes that will also lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Therefore, Kinesiology can strengthen the immune system in an abundance of ways.

Before booking in for an endocrine/immune balance. Three quick tips:

  1. Go to bed before you are tired. Aim for one hours sleep before midnight.

  2. Short periods of rest (if possible) before and after meal times.

  3. 10 minutes of alone time in silence is very good for a sense of health and well being.


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