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Improve your flexibility with Kinesiology

Are you struggling with flexibility in your yoga practice, sports or at the gym?

Can you not quite get to the places you used to get to?

Have you noticed that you can't quite bend in the way you used to?

Did you know that every time you have an injury, operation, violent trauma or any other physical impact on the body, your body recoils into the foetal position physically and/or energetically?

The body limits the range of movement to protect itself. After years of knocks you will notice that your flexibility has decreased. Although the protective measures are useful at the time, they need to be let go of, but most of the time, even when "healed" on the surface, we retain the protective measures which becomes detrimental to our lives.

Imagine your body is a computer...

Data from past physical trauma is stored on your computer. The “injury data” is held within your cells in the spine and central nervous system (Like the cookies on your web browser).

Until it is released (Like clearing your browsing data), it will have an impact on recovery and other areas of flexibility (Like when you have a slow operating system).

If an old injury data is not cleared it will stay within the body. It takes energy to retain the memory. It drains other structures around the injury site. (Like old files taking up space on your hard drive)

It makes you more susceptible to future injuries in the same area (Like a "not responding" every time you open an app).

You have thousands of small and big injuries stored within your body, all of them have emotional attachments stored in your subconscious.

You may know where some of them are, but you may not remember them all. Your body remembers everything. Your body keeps the score.

You may not realise the drain it is causing you until it is RELEASED. (Like when we reset our browser data - suddenly websites load quicker, your computer runs smoother).

Kinesiology is the only way to access old injuries, remembered or not and their emotional attachments. Whether you rememeber them or not, they need to be released to progress with your health and get that flexibility back for good. The technique is called Injury Recall.

IMPORTANT - the injuries want to be released in a certain sequence. Kinesiology is the only way to find the right sequence and once found and released, the results are sustained.

Releasing injuries in the wrong sequence is not sustainable, this is why you may have been to see another therapist to be 'adjusted' every 3 months in the same place. Effectively you have been paying for the same treatment every time and are not moving forward.

What is EVEN BETTER, with Kinesiology, you can see the results STRAIGHT AWAY. Your flexibility will increase visibly & dramatically within 1 minute AND it will stay and you can move on.

So, how flexible are you?

Does it sound like you need past physical trauma released?

Find out where your body is storing physical trauma and release it quickly and take back your flexibility. Why wait? Start today by booking your appointment.


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