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Why I am a Kinesiologist.

Gavin Jones Fashion Model Tokyo Japan Kinesiologist

One reason I'm a Kinesiologist...

As a teenager I was diagnosed with a spinal disease, whereby the vertebra had grown in an irregular shape. The condition caused me chronic pain. I was prescribed various pain and anti-inflammatory medication.

Age 20, I was offered spinal surgery which had the risk of paralysation, so I declined, naturally.

However, the pain medication got stronger as my body grew more tolerant to it:

Co-codomal, Dihydrocodiene, Tramadol, Oxycodone, Morphine etc.

By the time I was 21, I had Fentanyl on repeat prescription. Fentanyl is 50X stronger than heroin. 100X stronger than morphine. Fentanyl is a class A drug. It is well known in the USA for causing hundreds of thousands of overdose deaths.

In the UK, if you get caught in possession of Fentanyl without a prescription, you can get 7 years in prison. If you get caught supplying Fentanyl, it can be life. But you can get it from your local GP, also known as, your legitimate drug pusher and multi-national pharmaceutical representative.

No matter how much I took pain medication, I still felt pain, however it had moved to my legs. I remember being so crippled with pain that I had no control over my legs, they would give way and I could no longer walk.

Age 22, I was offered a modelling contract in Tokyo. In Japan, possession of this medication will land you in prison, even if you have a prescription.

So I made a decision. I didn't know how life changing that decision would be....

I let the medication run out...

Only then I realised, the reason I had been in pain for all those years was due to being physically addicted to the opioid medication that I had been legally prescribed by my doctor for the pain in my back. So, every time I had experienced the pain it was actually opioid withdrawal, the original back pain had left a long time ago.

The pain was when the medication was no longer in my body, and I needed the medication to stop the pain. But this time the next "hit" did not come and so the body fought back. It fought back hard.

For the next 10 days, I was in excruciating pain that I had never experienced before:

Imagine feeling as if you are being torn limb from limb while being crushed & broken emotionally, physically & spiritually. You shake, you sweat, you cry, you scream, you are weak, you hear things, you see things and you want to die.

BUT, like a butterfly emerges from its chrysalis. After 10 days, I was reborn. A few days later I touched down in Japan. I never touched a painkiller again.

The picture is me age 23 in Japan in a Japanese magazine, no painkillers, no pain. Although a horrible experience, it made me very strong and built a passion in me to help people. Never underestimate what life is teaching you.

Why am I telling you this?

Millions of people are unknowingly addicted to painkillers. I don't want anyone to be dependent on painkillers. Even more, I don't want them to experience the pain of coming off them.

Kinesiology can get you out of pain. Kinesiology is a therapy which works with physical, emotional, biochemical and energetical realms of health. You won't get out of pain if you don't consider all these areas are interconnected. Your may think pain is just a physical problem, but there is always an emotional connection, a nutritional deficiency and an energy blockage.

Let your body heal itself, with Kinesiology.

Are you in pain?

Do you know someone in pain?

Book now for yourself to free yourself or someone else from pain.


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