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What are meridians, how can I find them and what do they do?

Eastern doctors have had knowledge of meridians on the body’s surface for thousands of years. Meridian lines are flowing streams of energy which control our body’s functions.

Western medicine did not acknowledge the existence of meridians until radioactive labelling made it possible to trace the flow of meridian energies. By injecting a radioactive isotope into the body where Chinese acupuncturists said meridians began showed that the isotopes travelled around the body and matched traditional Chinese acupuncture charts.

In each meridian, energy flows from the beginning to the end just under the skin. They also radiate outside the body just above the skin similar to the force of a magnet.

There are twelve meridians specific to the organs of the body, for example, stomach, spleen, small intestine. At the end of each meridian is a deep channel which connects it to the beginning of the next meridian. The organ meridian flow could be considered one loop but each organ meridian has a unique type of energy.

The energy that flows through the lungs controls its functions. The stomach has a different function and so it has a different type of energy. The energy flowing through these different meridians and organs need to be different to give a different set of results, but it is fundamentally the same energy.

Do you know where each meridian begins and ends? Do you feel out of sync and imbalanced?Kinesiology will balance your energy flows and result in a greater well being and provide balanced health.


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