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How does the body heal itself?

Appointment 1

Client: I have a problem with my skin, for example, eczema, acne, psoriasis...

Kinesiologist: Muscle tests to find root cause & treats accordingly..

Appointment 2

Kinesiologist: How's your skin?

Client: It seemed worse for a few days… Then it all suddenly vanished overnight!


It's frustrating when you have a skin condition. So many people have them.

It's frustrating when doctors treat symptoms by prescribing creams and ointments that hide the skin condition; antibiotics that kill good bacteria as well as the bad; the contraceptive pill which messes up natural hormone balance.

Kinesiologists use a technique to find the root cause of skin issues; how to treat it and what YOU NEED to do in between sessions to make it worthworthwhile while. During a treatment, a Kinesiologist finds the problems associated with your ailment and provides the tools your body needs to heal, but you have to take action between treaments for your body to utilise those tools.

Skin conditions are a response to your body being intoxicated - emotionally, chemically, physically and energetically. Toxins need to come out via skin, bowel, urine & respiration. So the liver, kidneys, intestines, lymphatics and lungs need to be working to aid detox. This enables each organ to release an equal amount of toxins rather than be overloaded in one area. If detoxification pathways are not working optimally then toxins will find the only way out, this may be via skin and this is most likely why you have a skin condition. Your skin issue is your body telling you there is a problem WITHIN.

Kinesiology encourages detoxification so do not be alarmed with signs of detox, such as skin appearing worse (before getting better) or increased bowel function. It's frustrating but this is your body detoxing and it is vital to the progression of health. It won't last forever.

Old symptoms may reappear during the process. They need REAL healing, they never healed, they were suppressed, for example, through the use of antibiotics or other medications. It may feel like you are going backwards, you're not!

True healing means it ALL has to come out, NOT hide away anymore. This is not unique to physical conditions such as with the skin, but also past trauma and emotional issues. As we know with Kinesiology physical and emotional health is connected, so during a physical detox, you often experience an emotional detox which will end in better clarity within your mind, body and spirit. In this example of skin conditions, there is always some emotional involvement which needs to be cleared with Kinesiology.

Dr Sheldon Deal, a pioneer of Kinesiology said, “The body heals itself, it does so in a predictable manner. From the head down, from the inside out and also in the reverse order of how the symptoms originally occurred.”

Clients do report "flare-ups," after treatments, sometimes, but not always. My response to "flare-ups" is that they are not flare-ups but they are a positive sign of healing. If it completely vanishes or it gets worse, something is happening and that is progress, it is better than experiencing nothing at all. Ideally, it would vanish after one session, but living in the real world that isn't how things work. The "flare-up" is a sign that we are in detox mode. Furthermore, if old symptoms reappear, that is a sign that body knows it is healing and the forgotten areas that never really healed want to get in on the action. It is like picking up lost hitchhikers on a journey to a common destination.

Detoxing can be uncomfortable and confusing, because you thought it would disappear straight away but instead it seemed to go the other way. It can be powerful & overwhelming, especially if detoxification pathways are not cleared, more so if you continue to fill your body with toxicity, eg gluten, lactose, table salt & sugar (or whatever came up during food sensitivity testing; negative emotions and environments etc. Whenever I am detoxing, even when I feel worse, I know it is temporary, I actually feel better because I understand what is happening


Hold on and follow the dietary deletions and supplement additions suggested by your central nervous system via muscle testing. The magic will happen. You'll come out the other side, it could be days or weeks but so long as you make the changes between sessions.

I cannot guarantee your skin condition will “suddenly vanish overnight." The client who experienced this "vanishing" followed the guidance they received from Kinesiology testing between the treatment sessions, which is essentially still part of the treatment journey, it doesn't stop at the end of the session. With some people it can take longer, everyone is different and there may be several layers to the skin issue which need addressing. It will disappear soon though. Many people give up at the first sign of any changes because they do not understand how the body heals itself. If you give up as soon as you start to detox, then you may never heal. Trust your body and allow yourself to heal.

Kinesiology is more holistic than any other therapy, as with any ailment it takes into account your emotional, biochemical, physical and energetical health as they are all interconnected, for example, fear (emotion) can weaken your immune system (physical); gluten (biochemical) can weaken your nervous system (energetical); and love (emotion) can strengthen your immune system (physical); vitamins and minerals (biochemical) can strengthen your digestive system (physical). Kinesiology treats all these areas at the same time in the same treatment. Other therapies do not do this.

Kinesiology helps with physical and emotional pain; skin conditions; fertility; hormonal imbalances; stress; nutritional deficiencies; food sensitivities; low energy; past trauma; eating disorders; learning difficulties; digestive issues and much more...

If you would like to know more about Kinesiology, how it works and how it can help yourself and others heal naturally then come to a taster event, the next one is:

Thursday 29th June 2023,

at 2 Market Street, Devoran, Truro, Cornwall, TR3 6QA.

You can just turn up, bring a friend or family

Alternatively, if you or someone you know need support now book an appointment via the booking page.

Feel free to contact on or 07946710017


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