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Is someone getting the best of you?

A lot of people have parasites at the moment. They are very common and nothing really to be scared of when the rest of the body is in balance. However, when we are out of balance because of the parasites then our health can take a huge knock. Parasites steal your nutrition and your energy, they can cause many horrible symptoms including:



Abdominal pain

Joint pain

Increased appetite

Weight loss

Feeling stuck to the bed in the morning

Brain fog


Irritable bowels




Parasites are in the environment and can be spread from person to person when hygiene standards are low. They can be on animals, fruit and vegetables, as well as uncooked meat.

Many people in Cornwall have dogs. How often do you de-worm your dog? Should you de-worm yourself at the same frequency?

A suggested parasite programme includes (this list is not exhaustive):

Remove sugar, wheat, cow's milk, table salt, refined carbohydrates from the diet.

Black Walnut - oxygenates the blood to kill parasites.

Garlic - destabilises key enzymes needed by parasites and other pathogens to invade cells and break down food particles.

Cascara Sagrada - cleanses the colon of damaging toxins and waste products.

Bowel Build - A blend of key nutrients and plant extracts for the intestinal system, including Psyllium Husks, Marshmallow Root, Betaine HCL, Ginger and Activated Charcoal.

Digestive Enzymes - plant-based food enzymes to break down proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and difficult-to-digest foods.

The programme is recommended to take for 2 weeks and then have 1 week off to the the eggs hatch out, then take for another 2 weeks. You may experience 'parasite die-off' symptoms which is a good sign and will be over quickly.

It is important to repopulate the gut with probiotics after the parasite cleanse.

You can spend a lot of money on tests from functional medicine doctors or private testing companies.

Once you get the result, you can then guess what supplements will help and you may get lucky.

Alternatively, there is a simple Kinesiology technique that takes 2 seconds which will confirm whether or not you have parasites. Another 2 minutes and you will know the right supplements to take to get rid of them. Another 2 minutes and you will know which food to avoid. Add in the emotional, energetic and physical techniques and you will begin your journey back to good health.

Feel better, naturally.


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