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Female Hormones part IV Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you on synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy drugs? Would you like to come off of them due to side effects or long term risks (that you probably weren't told about)? Would you just like to be natural? Treating your body right can help reduce the symptoms that got you on to these drugs, come off the drugs and stay off the drugs...

It is, of course, preferable to use a natural source of oestrogen. Synthetic oestrogen can cause cancer. PREMARIN, the most common oestrogen used for HRT derives from PREGNANT MARES URINE, hence the name PREgnant MAres uRIN. (You would be surprised how many products use urine as an ingredient without you knowing!) Urine from a horse is not designed for people.

Oestrogen stimulates osteoclast cells which do not help to generate new bone but simply stop the loss of bone. Pregesterone stimulates osteoblasts which build new bone. Taking natural progesterone increases bone density 4 X better than oestrogen.

Natural progesterone cream come from Mexican Wild Yam. DHEA is a type of hormone which turns into female sex hormones. Wild Yam has a natural source of DHEA of progesterone which is then able to convert into other hormones.

There are no nightmare stories that connect Wild Yam to cancer. It can come as a cream which you rub on the skin and is absorbed into the body.

You only need to use a quarter of a teaspoon a day. Pick one or two areas and rotate each day. If you would like to come off hormones replacement therapy, there are ways to overlap using Wild Yam and HRT drugs over the course of 30 days, as well as regular hormone balancing via Kinesiology. In the end you will be off the synthetic cancer causing hormones.

In addition, nutrients which support those on hormone replacement therapy or coming off of hormone replacement therapy are: Vitamin C, E and Bioflavinoids (once known as Vitamin P); herbs like Red Raspberry, Squaw Vine, Liquorice, Black Current Seed Oil, Essential Fatty Acids and Black Cohosh.

Vitex Agnus Cactus stimulates the pituitary gland to produce more leutinising hormone (discussed in blog post “Female Hormones,”) which leads to greater production of progesterone and also reduces high rates of prolactin, which is associated with breast tenderness. This should not be used by pregnant women or in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy.

Magnesium Citrate will help to prevent mood swings as well as osteoporosis and breast tenderness.

Vitamin B6 is needed to form neurotransmitters in the brain, most importantly serotonin, the body’s natural happy chemical.

Essential Fatty Acids support the manufacture of prostaglandin which underlie the hormonal system.

Okay, so now you would like to see how this works? Avoid buying all the supplements and nutrients, because you might not necessarily need. Avoid buying the wrong supplements or cheap synthetic supplements because they will just make you worse and you will be quick to go back on the drugs instead.

Find what you really need by asking your body in a Systematic Kinesiology appointment, in addition, get your hormones balanced emotionally, physically and electrically. Book now for better, balanced health, naturally, not synthetically.


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