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Hormone Shake Recipe

The hormone shake will help to balance your hormones, resolve hormonal symptoms, endometriosis, fibroids, menstrual issues and improve fertility (as written about in the last blog post).

Ingredients: 1 Scoop of Soya Protein

1 Banana

1 Pear

A few scoops of non-GMO Soya Yogurt, (eg Alpro or Sojade)

A few tablespoons of berries

Blend together and enjoy.

2 tablespoons of Linseeds/Flax seeds - chewed


Soya Protein & Omega Flaxseeds can be bought here


Take 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off continually until the symptoms have gone. The best time to begin for PMS is on the first day after a period.

If you are bleeding all the time, not at all OR menopausal then please start any time.

Keep drinking this until symptoms are gone...

* * * * *

To have your hormones balanced properly and holistically rather than just nutritionally then book to see a systematic kinesiologist. We work with the body on 4 dimensions - psychologically, chemically, structurally and energetically unlike other therapies which treat 1 or 2 dimensions of the body.

Kinesiologists ask your central nervous system where imbalances are in your body by utilising your biofeedback system. After finding your imbalances, we then tap into your biofeedback system of your body again to find the correct treatment which will create balance within your body.

Only then do we perform corrections and make suggestions based on information gathered from your central nervous system. The client is very much involved in their whole session, consciously and subconsciously.

You would not be able to find where your specific imbalances and balances are by searching on the internet, a book, a health practitioner or in the health food shop because systematic kinesiology is a therapy that is unique to you.

This is unlike any other therapy, many other therapies do not see each body as a unique individual, for example, what might be the root cause of symptoms in Client A might not be the same as what is causing the same symptoms in Client B. Furthermore, Client C and D may have the same symptoms, with the same cause but the treatment needed to balance the body could be totally different.

Not one client is the same, not one session is the same. Try it by booking a session now.


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