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Kinesiology is electric and empowering

For those people who think Kinesiology is some sort of woo-woo magic trick…

It is great to show people Kinesiology tricks, such as making a bodybuilder's muscle collapse with one finger. It is actually SCIENCE and here is why...

Imagine the brain is the central control system in your body's power network. From the brain descends the spinal cord. Together they make up the central nervous system. From the central nervous system extends billions of threadlike fibres known as nerves. These nerves make up the peripheral nervous system. The two systems work together by sending electrical impulses back and forth to each other at speeds of 120 metres per second. This allows us to think, feel, smell, see, touch, taste, hear and move.

The brain sends electrical signals to the muscles, organs and systems of our body. The signals tell the rest of the body how to react to external stimuli. For example, you touch a hot stove and your brain tells you to move your hand away from the stove. The body’s muscles, organs and systems send electrical signals to the brain also. For example, the only reason your brain knew that you touched the hot stove is that electrical signals were sent from your hand to your brain.

Electrical signals are transported via our cells which contain 'electrolytes' designed to conduct electrical impulses when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, phosphate and chloride. When electrolytes are in our body fluid, they are called ‘ions.’ Ions carry a specific electrical charge, they generate and conduct electricity within the body.

We can compare our body’s electrical circuit to the electrical circuit of a house:

In the 21st century, we cannot run a house without the electrics wired up correctly. Electricity allows us to utilise all the appliances of the house. When there is a surge of electricity or a break in the circuit then it can cause the circuit breaker to trip and the power to stop. Likewise, the electrical circuit of our body needs to be wired up correctly. Our body's electricity enables us to utilise all the structures and systems of our body. If there is a problem with the circuit, such as an imbalance in electrolytes it can cause illness because we cannot conduct our body's electrical impulses efficiently.

It is accepted that the allopathic medical profession reads the body electrically using machinery. If you have ever visited an Accident and Emergency, they place a device on your finger to read you electrically. You may have had an electrocardiogram (ECG) to read the electrical impulses of your heart or you may have had an electroencephalogram (EEG) to read the electrical impulses of your brain. Abnormalities in the electrical readings suggest bodily dysfunction and doctors diagnose illnesses and prescribe drugs but do not necessarily get to the root cause. An example of abnormal electrical patterns within the body is during a seizure. Seizures are defined as a surge of electrical activity in the brain.

Kinesiologists also read your body electrically but by using the analogue system of muscle testing. Muscle testing is a technique that enables us to evaluate the motor responses of the electrical impulses of the central nervous system when it reacts to its environment and other stimuli, for example:

  1. Physical dysfunction and pain

  2. Nutritional deficiency or food sensitivity

  3. Electrical overload

  4. Emotional imbalance and stress

Physical dysfunction and pain

Different muscles are associated with different structures in the body, such as the endocrine glands, the brain, the ileocaecal valve and the different organs of the body. Testing certain muscles activate electrical signals that go from the muscle to its associated structures, the brain and back to the muscle within a split second. The muscle response indicates if there is an imbalance in the area that corresponds with the muscle tested.


Anything that contains electrically charged particles has an ‘electromagnetic field’ which surrounds it. This field exerts a force on all other charged particles in the field, either attracting or repelling them. The body is electric and therefore has an electromagnetic field. When we place another electrically charged organism, such as food or a nutritional supplement, within your body’s electromagnetic field, you will either attract or repel it. This process is enhanced when we place the food or nutrition by the mouth and nose which stimulates the nerves, also known as electrical impulses, that begin digestion. These nerves are called the olfactory nerve which senses smell and the gustatory nerve which senses taste. Your body demonstrates how this works through a muscle test which sends electrical signals from your muscle to all the other nerves involved, such as those along your gastrointestinal tract and the brain, then back to the muscle. This indicates whether the body would benefit from whatever is placed within your electromagnetic field.

Electrical overload

The above explanation can be applied to man-made electrically charged devices, for example, muscle testing someone with their phone on and in their pocket will drastically alter outcomes. Wearing, using or living near devices with an electromagnetic frequency can put your own electrical circuit out of balance and result in negative muscle responses.

Emotional imbalance

All electrical beings, including the human body, contain energy-producing particles which are in constant motion, this means the human body vibrates. Emotions, thoughts, feelings and memories vibrate to different frequencies. Negative thoughts have a low vibration and positive thoughts have a high vibration. When your mind is in neutral a muscle test may result in a ‘locked’ muscle. But when introducing a memory of past trauma or current stress, this will lower your vibration causing your muscle to ‘unlock.’ This can also be applied to nutrition, as different food vibrates at different frequencies. It is very common that food sensitivities have an emotional attachment as well, so the vibration of the emotion and the food are combined when working with food sensitivities.

Systematic Kinesiology is electric and empowering

We utilise the electrical current of your body to find and correct imbalances in the body. Kinesiologists communicate with the central nervous system and the subconscious mind through manual muscle testing thought to be 30,000 times more powerful than the conscious. This bypasses your conscious mind and gets to the root cause of the illness. Often where you think it is, it isn’t. Through Kinesiology we can find it and we can fix it when other therapists and doctors can't.

To learn more about how this works and empower yourself and others, enrol on the foundation course today or book an appointment.

Take back your power today...


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