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Why do I have to take nutritional supplements when I have a good diet?

Systematic Kinesiology treats everyone's body on four levels - mentally, chemically, physically and energetically. Chemically refers to nutrition.

During a Systematic Kinesiology session I will use light muscle testing to test a variety of nutritional supplements on your body depending on where I find energy blockages. Many clients ask why they need to take supplements. Here is why:

Life has progressively become more stressful due to life expectations. This also increases the body’s need for nutrition to support us to keep up with the pace that is expected of our body’s and lives. For example, when we are under stress we use a lot more B vitamins and Vitamin C. Considering this, we need more vitamins to start the day and we need to replenish them to avoid running on empty which will cause a myriad of symptoms, disease and an inability to cope.

Furthermore, modern food production has depleted food of its nutrients that it once used to contain. In addition a wide range of toxic substances have been introduced into the food chain through the use of pesticides and other chemicals as well as genetically modified crops and growth hormones given to animals. Our great grandparents may have been able to meet their nutritional needs when they ate but we most certainly can't, even if we ate the best food available.

Our body’s respond to environmental factors such as the electromagnetic force of the earth and the ever increasing electromagnetic smog. Our body’s are driven by electricity, for example, if you have ever been in a hospital bed, you will remember that they put a device on your finger to read you electrically. Moreover, epileptic fits are described as when the brain’s electrical rhythms become imbalanced resulting in the normal electrical pattern to be disrupted by sudden bursts of electricity causing unusual movements and sensations.

Our body has to delicately navigate its way through constantly changing external influences, of which have become more overpowering over the last few decades, and so the body has much more to cope with due to the man-made changes in our surroundings. All these factors take away our energy and so the body needs raw materials in the form of nutrients to produce the energy needed. Unfortunately, we are not able to get enough food in quantity or quality to get the right amount of nutrition to manage the 21st century life. Furthermore some people cannot get nutrients out of their food due to a malfunctioning digestive system (see previous blog posts eg, "why don't I feel well" and "we call it acid.")

Furthermore, the body needs more nutrients when it is ill to aid recovery. After using other therapies such as acupuncture, reflexology, or homeopathy, the body still needs raw materials added into the body system to make new cells and produce energy needed to bring about more positive changes to follow on from those achieved in the treatment session. The body needs fuel for energy increases to cascade down into altering physical and psychological function.

Through light muscle testing a Systematic Kinesiologist can find the relevant nutrition for your body to heal. This is more effective than making recommendations from books, friends or the internet. There is a saying in Kinesiology which goes, “where it is, it ain’t.” This means that often where we believe our symptoms are coming from is not where they originate, therefore by buying something off the shelf without testing you could be treating the wrong thing and not getting to the root cause, therefore not getting better. Systematic Kinesiologist’s can tap into the body’s biofeedback system to find what your body needs. By rewarding your body with the nutritional supplements that make your body strong during a treatment you will get better faster and the effects will last longer until they are gone for good.

Book a session today to find the root cause of your problems. Find out what your body needs nutritionally as well as mentally, physically and energetically and get better quicker.


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