Wellness Programmes

Each programme is tailored to support you as an individual depending upon your current state of health in each area. 
The programmes require a minimum of 5 sessions and your commitment to achieve a positive and lasting change. 


All programmes are 5 X 1.5 hours Kinesiology sessions, this includes:


  • Muscle testing to understand what is causing your health issues

  • Lymphatic massage

  • System balancing, including acupressure, meridian flushing, energy work and many other specialist techniques

  • Nutrition and supplement recommendations plus discounts when you buy

  • Support with emotions/stress relief.


  • Detailed examination and analysis of all presenting symptoms/issues

  • Email follow ups after each session

  • Total clarity on what is at the root of health concerns

  • Detailed map and plan of action for getting you better

  • Intensive body overhaul, often with immediate symptom relief